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Well, predictably, a dearth of postings deteriorated into none at all. So let's try a little catch-up before the last one becomes fully twelve months old. That was looking at competition season having just finished, while this one looks at competition season just approaching.

Firstly congratulations to the following winners in the last eleven months:
Magnus Carlsen retaining the World Chess Championship in November - I didn't 'watch' much of it but I happened to be online when Carlsen made his mistake in Game 6 and Anand replied with his own within ten seconds thus failing to capitalise. Carlsen went on to establish a lead he never lost - very exciting stuff (honest).
Craig Beevers winning the World Scrabble Championship for the UK for the first time in 21 years.
Kota Morinishi and Ulrich Voigt, the World Sudoku and Puzzle Champions, Ulrich for an impossible tenth time and Kota bringing the championship to its spiritual home for the first time.
Misremembered Apple, for winning DASH 7 (London): I don't know who you are but you helped depress the Magpie team, as did the fiendishly hard puzzles. On reflection, many thanks to the organisers - we're at the end of the spectrum who prefer puzzles being a bit hard to a bit easy. And we were mollified by being in the top 20 globally, after assuming we'd had a lousy day.

Now then, on the horizon (or already underway):
Mind Sports Olympiad: 23-31 Aug, London. The Sudoku/Kenken event is on Sunday, and my wife is telling me I can't go. Boo.
Times Sudoku Championship: 19 Sept, London.
World Sudoku/Puzzle Championships: 11-18 Oct, Sofia.
Times Crossword Championship, 17 Oct, London.


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Sep. 16th, 2015 10:04 pm (UTC)
Times Sudoku Championship: 19 Sept, London
Was last Saturday, 12th September, a warm-up for next week?

1st Tom Collyer
2nd Mark Goodliffe
3rd Andrew Dyson

Bad luck! Nevertheless congratulations on another tremendous result.
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